I cook. From 16-19, I worked at an Italian Restaurant. I’d be silly not to learn a few things from it over the course of 3 years. I love cooking with fresh ingredients and I make a ton of throw-things-together meals that usually turn out pretty well. It’s not entirely a hobby, but I do enjoy it. (Photo is of fresh rosemary garlic chicken)




I work on my car. While this one isn’t so much a hobby, I’ve learned that if you are going to play hard, you have to work hard. I cruise around in my Subaru STI quite frequently and, unfortunately, speed and performance comes at a price… but surprisingly it can be fun! (No, it’s not customary of me to run it down to no brake pad as pictured, but this time it did happen. As you can imagine, this brake job included fresh Rotors too!)



I remodel. I decided on a house that was quite a fixer-upper. I’ve had fun with some of the projects, but I’ve also learned a lot about people, real estate, laws, and just how much work fixing things is. I seldom have a shortage of projects. Whether it be running CAT5e to all the bedrooms, remodeling a closet (as pictured) or simply planting fresh grass, I’ve had a taste of almost all of it.




I walk. In today’s fast-paced world, it is so easy to forget the beautiful things around us. I get away by taking walks or hikes in gorgeous places both when I’m on vacation or in my home state. There’s nothing more enjoyable than a snowy winter day or a beautiful spring morning.




Wait, no games? I meet a lot of tech and IT people that are very into games and Star Wars. While I have no problem with these things, I’ve never been much of a gamer. I get asked that question quite frequently. If I get into a game, I can play it for about a week solid and I’m over it. A lot of them get a little repetitive in that you have to find and kill a monster and the next level is find and kill another monster. I do, however, enjoy a good board game.