Have you ever tried to open a can without a can opener? It’s at that very moment you realize the person that made a device to open metal cans is a genius while the guy that put it in a can in the first place without a pop top should be arrested immediately. WannaCry and it’s variants are very similar in this way. They created a phenomenal product to squeeze money out of people. Viruses, trojans, and other malware are not new to the PC world. They already cause issues for end users on a daily basis. Why not add a payment component to it?

With all that said, being in my position as the IT System Administrator for several companies, I have to ensure machines are protected with anti-malware, and that each workstation is updated. Thankfully, of all the machines we manage, not one device acquired WannaCry. The variations are inevitable and I cannot speak for those since they are likely being developed as I type this. It does feel good knowing we have the multi-layer security set up to prevent such a malicious attack like the one by WannaCry.

While I, as the IT Systems Administrator, feel the creators should be “arrested immediately” like the human who invented cans without pop top lids, I also think it is one of the most creative malware programs I’ve seen so far. This of course is not the first ransomware product to come out, but it is the first one to gain this much publicity.